As Canada's leading Strategic Execution and Digital Marketing Operations company, we help Direct and Agency clients bridge the gap between strategy and execution in order to eliminate marketing waste and maximize results.  We focus on marketing challenges, and empower our Clients' success from program development and launch through ongoing consumer engagement.

Our Story

Every relationship we've built over the years started the same way—with a simple conversation.

Vigorate's initial channel focus was opt-in email marketing software. Over the years, Vigorate has greatly evolved, shaping its offering to meet the exacting needs of our clients—the ‘doers' with first-hand experience of the pain points and pressures of working in our competitive and ever-changing industry. Our customer-centric approach has made Vigorate one of North America's leading digital marketing companies. We like to meet new people, and we love to talk about digital marketing. Heck, what marketer isn't a storyteller at heart?

Our People

Vigorate is made up of a team of people. Each of us is driven by a passion to create digital experiences that will build strong one-to-one relationships.

Smart. Curious. Engaged. Fun. Problem solvers.
And always up for a conversation. Meet the people who make up the leadership team at Vigorate:

As CEO, the focus of my job is to have a clear definition of the objectives of our clients' projects, and steering the strategy and direction of our company accordingly. My vision and goal is to empower clients to unlock their ideas and goals and leverage it for financially responsible marketing decisions, and ensure they have a team in ours that works together in a common direction.

When I'm not working, you'll find me on the ski hills with my kids in the winter; at our cottage in the summer.

Scott Currie
Founder & CEO

I have been fortunate in my career to join the 1:1 Digital Marketing industry very early on. To see simple email campaigns evolve into the true 1:1 interactions is the realization of what many of us believed possible all those years ago.I have also been fortunate to be surrounded by people I could learn from at every stage of my career.

Today with a focus on Marketing Technology & Operations, my role is to ensure our clients are in the best position to engage their customers in truly engaging 1:1 interactions. Removing the operational barriers to leveraging data to interact with customers as people allows Vigorate Digital to support the continued growth and focus on people oriented marketing.

Scott Jamieson

I started my career as a developer. Soon after I began, I realized that while I have great passion working in the digital space. I'm also very drawn to mentoring junior staff; which later translated to building teams. Being remarkably process-oriented, I very much believe that having a solid set of processes is the key to a managing an engaged and highly effective team. In my role as Vigorate's general manager, I have the privilege of leveraging my two professional passions to benefit our clients' needs.

Adam Johnston
Chief Operating Officer

Geoff Harding
VP of Business Development

I have more than 10 years of experience in technology product development, service strategies and IT operations. I believe business problems are best solved with both a deep understanding of the customer's environment and an all-star team to apply technology. Over the last four years at Vigorate, I have been responsible for providing leadership to the Operations team. Providing our clients' with an accelerated return on their technology investments, lowered operating costs and reduced risk in technology operations.

Syed Mir
Director, Software Development & Managed Services

I started in marketing at the start of the email boom. 15 years later, my email marketing knowledge and practical application has evolved enormously, continuously growing with the field. What has not changed however is that client relationships are still formed and based wholly on trust and working towards common objectives and goals.

Danielle DeLaurier
Senior Account Director

Working in eCommerce taught me the importance of managing budgets, time and scope. It also helped me discover how crucial emails are to build relationships with customers. I continue to use email marketing and automation as the main digital drivers of lead generation and building awareness. I have great passion for analyzing campaign data and uncovering insights to drive next steps. My other area of interest is User Experience Design as I believe this area is the next big thing to help a brand differentiate themselves in any competitive market.

Viktor Kis
Senior Account Manager

I'm Kathryn and I'm a bit of an enigma. Why you ask? Well, in June 2015 I finished two graduate degrees in art history and business. Having previously worked at national art institutions in Toronto, I then found my way to a small art investment firm. Craving a change of pace, and a desire to get into one of the most aggressively evolving industries out there, I made my way to Vigorate Digital in March of 2016. Inquisitive, agile and eager to learn. Focused, driven, but always ready for a laugh. I want to understand my clients' perspectives, their hopes, their concerns. If my experience across such diverse industries has taught me anything, it's that transparency and accountability are key to strong, and successful, client relationships.

Kathryn Leader
Account Executive

Our Partners

You need to maximize and capitalize the value from marketing technology investment. As leaders in knowledge based marketing, we are the execution partners to meet your objectives. Vigorate partners with the most acclaimed innovative market disruptors and vendors, making us the No. 1 choice for your marketing needs. We'll prioritize your goals, and personalize your campaign.

Join Our Team

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Project Manager

This is an exciting opportunity to join a dynamic team of professionals who are all focused on one common goal: Delivering on our client projects from thought to execution.  The Vigorate culture is to stimulate, educate, motivate, and encourage each member to their fullest potential.